Our Mission

Nelson Thermal Insulation and Firestopping is committed to saving lives, property, money, and energy through state-of-the-art code-compliant firestopping and insulation solutions.  Our reputation is built on the premise that there’s no substitute for careful design, installation, inspection and maintenance when it comes to energy savings, building safety and comfort.  It’s most critical with firestopping where every minute that you gain by stopping the spread of fire and noxious smoke and gases increases the likelihood that lives and property will be saved.

Firestopping History

As the first contractor to earn FM 4991 Certification in the state of Illinois, Nelson created an entire division dedicated to mitigating loss of life and property due to fire. Today we are one of the country’s leading firestopping contractors in both size and reputation thanks to the quality of our field staff, broad capabilities, on-going training, supply chain relationships and market penetration.

Firestopping is required by all model building codes, and mandated for public safety and property loss management.

About FM4991

FM4991 is the approved quality standard from which specialty firestop contractors can be qualified to install zero tolerance Firestop systems. It is the first program of its type to be accepted nationwide by architects and engineers, and is the standard by which firestop contractors are measured.

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